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If you have any questions about the NATSA 2021 online conference and they are not covered below, please submit them to the current NATSA president at Thanks for your understanding and support for NATSA as we navigate this stressful time.  This page will be continuously updated. 

Scholars previously accepted to the NATSA 2020 conference: 

Q: Do we need to accommodate the renewed themes/call for paper?

A: We encourage NATSA 2020 accepted scholars to revise their proposals to address the newly added themes (followed by an asterisk on the Call for Papers) for NATSA 2021. However, this is not required because papers accepted for 2020 are guaranteed to be accepted for 2021 anyways. 

NATSA 2020 online logistics: 

Q: Will the registration fee be reduced given the online mode?

A: The NATSA 2020 online conference will be free. We are sad that we won't be able to meet in person, but we are excited that the online format might make NATSA more accessible. Registration will be required and will open in March, 2021.  

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