2020 NATSA Program Director (PD) Scholarship Application



NATSA publicly audits outstanding personnel to assume the position of Program Director for the NATSA 2020 Annual Conference, as well as a Scholarship award of $3,000 (USD).


A. Eligibility

Ph.D. or currently enrolled Ph.D. students, and has served as a Planning Committee of the NATSA Annual Conference.

E.g.: President, Program Director, Program Commissioner, Administrative Commissioner or Board of directors.


B. Registration

May 25th – June 20th, 2019 (EST (GMT-5))


C. Application

Please prepare necessary documents (resume and one-page manifesto), send them to Sandy Tseng, the secretary of NATSA, via email(secretary@na-tsa.org) by June 20th, 2019.


D. Selection Process

There are two phases of selection. The Board of Directors (BOD) will review written documents for the first phase, and those who passed will advance to the second phase interview.


The interview will take place online, conducted in English. Interview arrangement will be further advised (approximately in early July). 


E. Benefits

The recipient will assume the position of Program Director for the NATSA 2020 Annual Conference, as well as a scholarship of $3,000 (USD).

F. Job Description

Program Director is responsible for forming the Program Committee, which includes arranging the annual meeting, coordinating and designing the theme of the meeting, inviting scholars, and providing necessary assistance for the President’s fundraising. After the annual meeting, he/she should prepare the report of the meeting.

All rights reserved to NATSA, including modification, termination and alternation regarding the scholarship selection method.

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