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Fwd: Call for special issue "Taiwan 2022" (submission deadline December 20th, 2021)

Special Issue title: Taiwan 2022

Call for special issue: Taiwan Insight is sending an open call for contributions for our January special issue "Taiwan 2022". We invite authors to contribute public scholarship articles of 1000-1500 words that either reflect on the important trends and events that have taken place in Taiwan or within the Taiwanese diaspora over 2021, or that look forward to possible trends and important events in 2022. Any theme, whether it be cultural, social, political, economic, or otherwise, is appropriate. We also welcome submissions that look at trends and changes within a particular community rather than analysis at the national level. If you are interested, please reply to our call for papers by December 3rd with 50-100 words short sentences to introduce your piece.

The deadline for submission will be December 20th.

Please email article ideas to Sam Robbins:, and cc Chun-yi Lee:

If you have any questions about formatting or about audience, please take a look at the Taiwan Insight website to read existing pieces:

Best and many appreciative notes,

Chun-yi Dr. Chun-Yi Lee Associate Professor at school of Politics and International Relations Director of Taiwan Studies Program University of Nottingham Law and Social Science Building Tel: +44 (0) 115 8468150 New Edited Book: Taiwan During the First Administration of Tsai Ing-wen Blog:


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