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Fwd: Taiwan On-Air Podcast: Book chat with Gwennaël Gaffric on Wu Ming-yi's literary works

Taiwan On-Air Podcast: Book Chat with Gwennaël Gaffric Literature in the Age of the Anthropocene: An Ecocritical Study of the Taiwanese Writing Wu Ming-yi

In this episode, our host, Ti-han, invited Dr Gwennaël Gaffric, a French literary translator and a specialist in Taiwanese eco-literature to talk about his academic publication, The Literature in the Age of Anthropocene: An Ecocritical Study of the Taiwanese writer Wu Ming-yi《人類世的文學: 臺灣作家吳明益的生態批評研究》. We talked about what inspired Gaffric to research Taiwanese eco-literature at the beginning of his academic career as well as why he chose to focus on Wu Ming-yi’s literary works. Gaffric also told us how he applied ecocritical theory from a French philosophical perspective and we talked about how he worked with his wife in translating the book into Chinese. The book offers an in-depth analysis of Wu Ming-yi’s works across different periods of time, and it presents a foundational understanding of theories and worldviews contextualised in the era of Anthropocene.

Hope that many people who enjoyed our book chat on Taiwan eco-literature would also enjoy this episode of interview!


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