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Fwd: UW-UoN Joint Conference: Taiwan in Transition, June 15-16 (hybrid)

University of Washington-University of Nottingham Joint Conference: Taiwan in Transition

Conference format: hybrid

Conference date: 15-16 June 2023

View the programme in Sway

Since 1949, Taiwan has been through major social, political, and economic transitions. This joint conference, held by the Taiwan Studies Programmes at the University of Washington and the University of Nottingham, will focus on these periods of change. Discussion will include, but not be limited to, the following themes and specific topics:

  1. Taiwan’s democratic transition (identity, social movements, political parties, voting behaviour, legal protections and liberties, responses to authoritarianism)

  2. Social and demographic trends (families and marriage, fertility, labour, the ageing population, Taiwan’s “second demographic transition”, immigration, demographic policies)

  3. Economic and environmental change (Taiwan’s industrial transition, industrial policies, economic development, external trade, the digital economy, disruptive innovation, climate change and the economy, environmental policies)

  4. Transitional justice (accountability, (KMT) party property, legal system reform, indigenous rights)

  5. Comparing transitions (comparing Taiwan with other societies, regions or states across the dimensions of the aforementioned themes)

  6. The conference will be held in hybrid mode, but we prefer speakers to join us in person. Proceedings will be streamed online for those attending remotely.


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