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Recruitment of a Postdoctoral Researcher [Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan]

【Research project】Plastics and Petrochemical Politics in the Climate Emergency (part of a collective larger project on “Taiwan 2050 zero carbons emissions,” Academia Sinica’s 2021 Sustainability Science Research Program)

【Time and schedule】3 years (2021-2023); full time position starting in January 2021

【Research goal】Cement, steel, plastics and transports account for more than 40% of total carbon emissions, making these four industries the main obstacles to tackle toward a low-carbon society. This cross-disciplinary collective research project focusing on the case of Taiwan (which ranks among the largest carbon emitters globally) aims to produce scientific breakthroughs and practical solutions for the drastic mitigation of carbon emissions. It is composed of three different sub-projects focusing on innovative politics (team 1), a reduction model (team 2), and a case study on the petrochemical industry (team 3). The mission for this postdoctoral position will be to work with the third team on the specific case of the petrochemical industry and in particular on the production and consumption of oil-based plastics.

【Research method】Data analysis, participant observation, interviews

【Salary】Approximately 60,000 New Taiwan Dollars (including labor & health insurance, retirement pension)

【Job location】Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica (Taipei, Taiwan) Send your CV, list of publications, motivation letter and two recommendation letters (all documents on PDF, please don’t use Word files) to:

Paul Jobin (Associate Research Fellow, PI for the subproject 3):

【Mail title】Postdoc Application 【Deadline for application】2020.11.30


徵博士後研究人員 [中央研究院,社會學研究所] 【研究計畫】氣候緊急下的塑料和石化政治(中央研究院 110 年永續科學「臺灣 2050 零碳社會團體計劃」)

【研究計畫時間】三年(2021-2023); 全職,起聘時間自2021年1月

【研究目的】台灣是全球最大碳排國之一,其中水泥、鋼鐵、塑料和運輸業占總碳排逾四成,使其成為台灣邁向低碳社會所須面對的主要阻礙。此跨學科的綜合型計劃旨在為達成令碳排速減之目標,尋求科學突破及實際解方。本計劃含三個子計劃,分別聚焦於(一)創新治理、(二)零淨排碳模型、(三)石化業案例研究。此博後職位任務是參與子計劃(三),研究石化業具體情況,尤其是油基塑料生產及消費造成之問題。 【研究方式】資料分析、參與觀察、訪談等


【工作地點】中央研究院 社會學研究所


【聯絡人與聯絡方式】意者請附中、英文簡歷、著作目錄與自傳(含求職動機),標題註明【臺灣 2050 零碳社會應徵博士後】字樣,寄至子計劃(三)主持人社會學研究所彭保羅副研究員


【截止收件日】2020/11/30(合於考慮者將通知面談 )

CEFC Taipei / Room B111 - Research Center For Humanities and Social Sciences - Academia Sinica, Nankang, Taipei - Taiwan 11529. - Tel: (886-2) 2789-0873 - Fax: (886-2) 2789-0874 - Courriel :


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