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The 28th NATSA Presidential Election

This election will elect the 28th President of North American Taiwan Studies Association.

(Term: June 2022- May 2023)

For further details and rules for NATSA presidential election, please check here:

1. Voters

All NATSA members have the right to vote. Election-related information will be announced via NATSA Facebook, email and newsletter. There will be a link sent out to voters through email which will make it more convenient to vote.

2. Candidates

a. Qualification: Someone who has served as a member of the NATSA Annual Conference. E.g.: President, Program Director, Program Committee, Administration Committee or Board of Directors.

b. Application:Applicants who meet the above eligibility criteria and who wish to run in the election must complete the application form. After completing, please email the application to NATSA's Secretary Sandy Tseng (

c. If there are problems regarding the qualifications of the candidates, the decision will go to current NATSA's Board of Directors to decide what regulations should be made.

3. Voting Procedure

Members will vote through online platforms. Whoever receives the most votes will win. If two or more candidates receive the same votes, then members will vote again between those members.

4. Election Notice (US East Coast Time (ET))

a. Submission for Candidate’s Application: 2021/4/1—2021/4/30

b. Candidates’ Announcement Date:2021/5/1

c. Campaign Period: 2021/5/1—2021/5/15

d. Voting Period: 2021/5/16—2021/5/21

e. The election Result: 2021/5/22


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