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Advisory Committee

Listed in alphabetical order

Sung-sheng Chang

Professor of Asian Studies

University of Texas at Austin


Leo Ching

Associate Professor of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Duke University

Myron Cohen

Professor of Anthropology

Columbia University

Weiting Guo

Assistant Professor of History

Simon Fraser University

Jeff Hou

Professor of Landscape Architecture

University of Washington

Faye Yuan Kleeman

Professor of Asian Language and Civilization

University of Colorado

Chih-Ming Liang

Assistant Professor of Health and Biotechnology Law

Taipei Medical University

Tse-min Lin

Associate Professor of Government

University of Texas at Austin

Hsun-Hui Tseng

Assistant Professor of Gender Studies Programme

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Ming-Te Wang

Associate Professor of Psychology and Education

University of Pittsburgh

Te-Yu Wang

Chair of Politics and Government

Illinois State University

Matthew West

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Jieh-Min Wu

Associate Researcher of Sociology

Academia Sinica

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