A collaboration between NATSAEATS (European Association of Taiwan Studies), and IJTS (International Journal of Taiwan Studies), this online talk series aims to highlight some research topics related to Taiwan Studies that got intensified and/or emerged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

NATSA offers funding for workshops and working meetings to be hosted in the U.S. or Canada to discuss topical issues in Taiwan studies. The goal of this fund is to promote scholarly discussion on Taiwan studies at the regional level.

The Taiwan Experts Database spotlights leading and emerging academic voices on the island nation. We seek to make Taiwan – a maturing democracy, multicultural and de-colonizing society, and geo-strategically important player in the Indo-Pacific region – better known to English-speaking audiences.

The Taiwan Syllabus Project provides a landscape view of the Taiwan-related curriculum in the United States and Canada. This database is a resource for instructors to access and share Taiwan-related syllabi and teaching materials.

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