The Future of Taiwan Studies in a Post COVID world

Ep 1. COVID-19 and Governance Social and Global Solidarity

講者 speakers:
   劉文 Wen Liu(中研院民族所)
   吳易叡 Harry Yi-Jui Wu(香港大學)
   楊雅雯 Yawen Yang(中研院法律所)
主持人 moderator: 李柏翰 Po-Han Lee(台灣大學)


While the COVID pandemic affects almost all parts of the world, Taiwan has been a reference point concerning its effective response and disease governance. The pandemic and the measures to contain it have however influenced different groups of people in various ways and to various degrees. It is in this context that the issues ranging from national border control to international health cooperation and transnational social movement deserve scrutiny and a better understanding.
Thus, this roundtable aims to provide an interdisciplinary perspective on COVID governance in relation to the ‘solidarity’ discourse on both the local and global levels. Dr Yawen Yang will examine the definitions and practices with regard to territory, citizenship, and community and their impact on migrants. Dr Harry Yi-Jui Wu will consider the normative, diplomatic, and strategic concerns of international health particularly drawing on the #TaiwanCanHelp campaign. Dr Wen Liu will explore the importance of transnational and intersectional activism while witnessing the #BlackLivesMatter movement during the pandemic moment.

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