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Fwd: Call for Chapters for an edited volume: Gender and Food in Contemporary East Asia

Title of the Volume: Gender and Food in Contemporary East Asia (Tentative) Co-edited by Jooyeon Rhee (Penn State), Chikako Nagayama (Nagoya University) and Eric Li (UBC), this volume approaches food as a symbolic and material site where gender roles and identities are imagined, performed, and negotiated. It argues that a critical engagement with practices and representation of food from gender perspective can enhance our understanding of the society and culture of contemporary East Asia. The volume is under contract with Lexington Books. This volume contributes to gender scholarship with the following unique features that have been understudied in the fields of gender studies, food studies, and communication/media studies in East Asian context. First, it allows a new way of conceptualizing gender through exploring the interconnectedness between material culture and symbolic practice of food. Second, it takes cross-cultural and trans-local approaches. While each chapter examines the production, distribution, consumption and representation of food at different locations in East Asia, all chapters are organized under the volume’s overall agenda of identifying commonalities and differences between the locations. Third, this volume is highly interdisciplinary, which will appeal to wider audiences. Contributors draw on sociology, literature, media studies, business anthropology, and history in their works in this volume. They not only move across multiple disciplines to present refreshing and interesting observations of the relationship between food and gender but also will further produce stimulating dialogues for scholars beyond their studies of East Asia. We are looking for contributions of chapters that cover contemporary Taiwan, Hong Kong and /or China. If you are interested, please send us a 300-word abstract to Dr. Jooyeon Rhee ( Abstract Deadline: 20 January 2021 Paper Deadline: 5 March 2021 (tentative) Contact Info: Dr. Jooyeon Rhee (co-editor of Gender and Food in Contemporary East Asia) Contact Email:


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