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Fwd: Call for Papers on Asian/American gender and sexuality studies (submit by March 1st 11:59 EST)

The National Women's Studies Association recently released call for papers for the 2022 conference. The North American Asian Feminist Collective Caucus(NAAF) is currently accepting proposal submissions relating to Asian/American gender, women, and sexuality studies until Tuesday March 1, 2022 at 11:59 pm (EST).

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are organizing panels and roundtables for NWSA 2022 (NWSA’s call for papers can be found here: We encourage those of you who work on topics relating to Asian/American gender, women, and sexuality studies to consider submitting your proposals through the North American Asian Feminist Collective Caucus (NAAF).

What is NAAF?

A young collective born out of a midnight discussion among North America-based Asian feminists at the 2010 NWSA in Denver, Colorado, NAAF’s purpose is to cultivate cutting-edge scholarship and activism surrounding Asian/American gender, women, and sexuality studies, which is under-represented both at the NWSA conferences and in scholarship and activism. In addition to connecting and supporting scholars/activists/artists, NAAF seeks to build cross-racial coalitions by actively engaging with issues such as anti-Black racism and indigeneity.

Submission via NAAF

NWSA will accept proposals from February 1 until March 15, 2022. We welcome organized panel sessions and roundtables as well as individual papers/posters that deal with Asian/American gender, women, and sexuality studies. In addition to paper presentations, we also welcome creative and unconventional proposal formats, including performances, posters, poems, visual art, etc.

NAAF proposes the following major topics for panel and roundtable organizers:

  • theorizing anti-racist and anti-colonial Asian/American scholarship and activism

  • the engagements and fissures among Black studies and Asian/American studies

  • any other relevant topics that fit into the overall NWSA conference subthemes (listed below)

In light of this year’s conference theme, “killing rage: resistance on the other side of freedom,” NWSA has proposed the following sub-themes:

1) teaching to transgress: education from the classroom to the streets

2) burn it all down: activism and advocacy

3) ain’t i a wummon: identity, feminism and ideology

4) sweet land of liberty: black/brown land use, ecology, ancestral roots, and waters

5) invisibility: reclaiming ourvoices and ourselves

6) black and brown covid stories: medical apartheid and inequity

7) writing, researching, and thinking beyond race, place, and space

8) queer and trans studies: outlining the places where we find ourselves

9) Special Sub-Theme: bone black: bell hooks and the impact of her words and her work

Logistics of Submissions

Please email the following information to Wen Liu ( and Lin Li

( by Tuesday March 1, 2022 at 11:59 pm (EST):

Panel Proposals

- Panel Title - Panel Rationale (100-250 words)

- Individual papers from 3-4 potential presenters including (1) Individual Paper Titles and (2) Individual Abstracts (50-100 words each)

- Name of 1 moderator

- Specify the conference sub-theme that best fits your proposal

Roundtable or Workshop Proposals

- Title

- Abstract (50-100 words)

- Rationale (100-250 words)

- Names of 4-6 roundtable or workshop participants

- Name of 1 moderator

- Specify the conference sub-theme that best fits your proposal

Individual Papers

- Title

- Abstract (50 - 100 words)

- Rationale (100-250 words)

- Your Name

- Your Affiliation

- Email / Contact Information

- Specify the conference sub-theme that best fits your proposal

**Please Note: For individual submissions, we will gather the abstracts and organize them into thematic panels or roundtables, after which we will connect presenters with each other so you can figure out who wants to submit the panel/roundtable on everyone’s behalf. We aim to get back to all individual submitters by Tuesday March 8, 2022 at 11:59 pm (EST) regarding the panels and roundtables that we have put together.

Besides the abovementioned formats, "Individual Posters," "Author Meets Critics" and "Lightning Sessions" are also welcome. If you have any questions for proposal guidelines, please consult NWSA will notify individuals of their acceptance or rejection by May 31, 2022 11:59 pm (EST).

Why Submit via NAAF

There are a few advantages in submitting your proposals via NAAF. To begin with, each NWSA caucus can choose one session to sponsor, meaning that the chosen panel/roundtable will be specially featured in the conference program. Both pre-organized panels/roundtables as well as panels/roundtables consisting of individual submissions will be considered for sponsorship. NAAF will notify members of the chosen panel/roundtable by Friday March 11, 2022 at 11:59 pm


Furthermore, NAAF will try our best to make sure that panels/roundtables that have been selected by NWSA will not be scheduled at the same time so folks can attend each other’s sessions and support each other. Additionally, NAAF will assemble a list of NAAF-affiliated panels/roundtables and will actively promote them at the time of the conference.

Last but not least, NAAF will be holding a series of events during the conference, including dinners, happy hours, and caucus meeting. This provides a wonderful platform for folks to get to know each other and to know more about NAAF. This is also a great time for folks to join NAAF and sign up for future organizing opportunities - we always welcome new members!

Please consider submitting your proposals through NAAF, and feel free to circulate this Call for Papers with your friends and colleagues who might be interested. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at the email addresses provided above if you have any questions about this process.

We look forward to seeing you in Minneapolis this November!

Best wishes,



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