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Fwd: CfP: Innovation in the Social Sciences

Innovation in the Social Sciences aims to sustain and expand transdisciplinary research in the social sciences while promoting innovation in related fields. The journal employs the core concept of “innovation” in a dual sense. Firstly, it encourages research that examines important contemporary global and local social problems through innovative perspectives, approaches, and methods. Secondly, it welcomes research articles and case reports that showcase local experiences of social, cultural, political, and economic innovations in organizations, communities, cities, and regions, emphasizing their relevance to a broader context. By aligning with the growing trends of interdisciplinary research in the social sciences, the journal strives to integrate cross-field research results and diverse practical experiences to provide innovative solutions to social problems. We welcome paper submissions on topics related to humanities, social sciences, and Taiwan studies. We also welcome proposals for special issues (please find the proposal template attached and two examples below: and

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Innovation in the Social Sciences 的宗旨是擴大及整合社會科學中的跨學科研究,同時促進相關領域的創新。我們的核心概念「創新」有兩個層次的意義:首先,我們鼓勵作者透過創新的觀點與研究方法,來研究當前重要的全球和在地社會問題。其次,我們歡迎您投稿一般的研究論文和個案研究報告,來探討社區、城市和區域的社會、文化、政治和經濟創新,並將這些議題聯繫至更廣泛的背景脈絡。




長期徵求 Special Issue Proposal

我們也長期徵求 Special Issue 提案。如果您在特定主題領域擁有獨到的見解並希望組織一個專題議題,請隨時與我們聯繫。

有關Special Issue Proposal,可以參考:


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