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Fwd: TaiwanPlus: Explore all things Taiwan from this new English media platform!

Please see below for courtesy promotion of TaiwanPlus:

TaiwanPlus provides you with news and programming from a unique and strategic perspective from Taiwan. From cross-strait relations and international politics to traditional cuisine and magnificent natural beauty, TaiwanPlus delivers high-quality free content from the heart of Asia. For more information, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

TaiwanPlus News  Follow us on Twitter to receive the latest updates of local and global news from TaiwanPlus. 

Sample 1- Analysis: Chiang Joins Taipei Mayoral Race

Sample 2- Lai Meets Kamala Harris at Honduras Inauguration

Innovative Minds with Audrey Tang  A video podcast series hosted by Taiwan’s Digital Minister talking about social innovation, open government, and youth participation. Guests including YouTube cofounder Steve Chen, AIT Director Sandra Oudkirk and former ambassador to WTO, Cyrus Chu. 

TaiwanPlus Point  In-depth interviews with policy makers, business leaders and experts in politics and private sectors on international affairs and market prospects.   

Our Youth, in Taiwan  An award-winning documentary about two Sunflower movement activists and their reflections after the movement.   

Lock and Load  A documentary about the guerrilla group Unit 27 in the 228 incident. 

Indigenous Peoples in Fashion  A docuseries introducing the indigenous artists and their stories. 


The Belief in Craft  A docuseries about the craftsmanship and stories of masters in various art forms, including tattoo and Embroidered Shoes.


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