Fwd: Virtual talk “Taiwan Queer Literature in the Martial Law Period” by Chi Ta-wei, Nov 3rd 5pm PDT

Talk: “Taiwan Queer Literature in the Martial Law Period”

Speaker: Chi Ta-wei (National Chengchi University)

Event organizer: Center for Taiwan Studies at UC Santa Barbara

Time: 5-6 p.m. PDT on Wednesday November 3, 2021 Zoom link:

The Taiwan Studies Workshop will host Professor Chi-Ta-wei from National Chengchi University to discuss with participants the field of queer literature during the martial law period in Taiwan (1949-1987). Exploring a range of queer literatures from the martial law period to the present, we will address questions such as: What is queer literary history in Taiwan? What are the key concerns of this field?

**Please send an email to Linshan Jiang ( for the readings that you need to read beforehand.

More details:


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