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Fwd: Webinar on the “One China” Contention and Taiwan’s Future, Nov 4th 9:30 AM EDT

Speaker: Yu-Jie Chen, Assistant Research Professor at the Law Institute of Taiwan’s Academia Sinica Moderator: Sida Liu, Acting Director of the Global Taiwan Studies Program at the Asian Institute; Associate Professor of Sociology and Law, University of Toronto Time: November 4, 2021 | 9:30 - 10:30 am EDT Registration: Beijing and Taipei have long disputed ideas of “one China.” The nature of their contentions has also varied across time. What is certain now is that a majority of Taiwanese disagree with any “one China” concept that implies Taiwan is part of the People’s Republic of China. Most people in Taiwan want to remain a self-governing liberal democracy and reject Beijing’s “one country, two systems” policy. Our speaker, Yu-Jie Chen, an assistant research professor at Taiwan’s Academia Sinica and an affiliated scholar of U.S.-Asia Law Institute of NYU School of Law, will talk about the diversified political positions on the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, Taiwanese attitudes towards their own identity, and whether a peaceful solution can be found to this increasingly volatile and high-stakes dispute.


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