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Special lecture "When Past Becomes Future and History Becomes Art" by Prof. Chien-hui Kao



Dear all,

Welcome the Taiwan Academy 2020 events hosted by the School of History of Art, ECA, University of Edinburgh. The first lecture, "When Past Becomes Future and History Becomes Art," is delivered by Prof. Chien-hui Kao.

Please hear from Dr Heather Pulliam, Head of History of Art on the introduction of the project:

"When Past Becomes Future and History Becomes Art" by Prof. Chien-hui Kao, live on YouTube (高千惠:未終結的過去進行式)

Chien-hui Kao, an independent writer, art critic, and curator, is currently the visiting professor of the Doctoral Program in Art Creation and Theory, Tainan National University of the Arts. Kao is the recipient of “2019 Yishu Awards for Critical Writing on Contemporary Chinese Art”, Canada. Among many of her curatorial projects, notably, she was Taiwan Pavilion of the 49th Venice Biennale, the Special Subject for the 7th Shenzhen Ink Art Biennial, China, Taiwan Pavilion at the Hong Kong Ink Art Expo. Her lecture, “When Past Becomes Future and History Becomes Art” focuses on the life and cultural memories of three post-war generations in East Asia. Her lecture studies how visual art was employed to represent taming and confusion, and how it imitated, manifested, and resisted to speak of the individual and collective searches for an outlet.

More Events, please register at the Eventbrite to receive the links:

Livestream Talk with Celebrated Film Director Tsai Ming-Liang (蔡明亮)and Actor Lee Kang-Sheng (李康生)on Handcrafted Film, Queer Asia and Marginalised Live

Lecture "Tomorrowland" with Acclaimed Artist Yuan Goang-ming (袁廣鳴)

14 October 14


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