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Message from Another World: A Performative Book Talk

July 10, 2022

12:30 - 14:00 PM ET

Lindner Family Commons (Room 602), 1957 E St NW, Washington, DC

“Message from Another World: A Performative Book Talk” focuses on writer CHEN Yu-Chin’s 2018 novel, Message from Another World. The event includes reading selected paragraphs on-site, the writer’s virtual introduction to the novel, and a live conversation between the writer and participants. By extending the novel’s topics on social media, aging society, and the definition of death, this event also reflects on the (post-)pandemic turn of interpersonal communication and relationships. 


The event will be conducted in English, while the reading will be in Mandarin Chinese. Book excerpts in its original language (Chinese) and English are available for view (download and print disabled) between July 1 and July 15, 2022 via the links below:

Director: Conrad Chen

Producer: An-Ru Chu & Chee-Hann Wu

Playwright: Eugene Yu-Chin Chen & Conrad Chen

Dramaturg: Chee-Hann Wu

Video Editor: An-Ru Chu

Performer: An-Ru Chu (reading) & Eugene Yu-Chin Chen (video)

Guest Speaker: Hsin-Chin Hsieh


Special thanks to 

  • Chen Yu-Chin |陳又津

  • Books From Taiwan

  • Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) |台灣文化內容策進院

  • INK Literary Monthly Publishing |印刻文學

  • Dr. Hsin-Chin Hsieh  |謝欣芩博士

  • Conrad Chen|陳大任

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