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Call for a Book Proposal: To create a volume on Taiwan’s culture and civilization

Call for a Book Proposal

To create a volume on Taiwan’s culture and civilization

Application deadline: October 31, 2019

I. Purpose

In the past, Taiwan was a colony for several foreign powers, but today it has developed its own culture and identity, and a great majority of Taiwanese aspire to have its statehood recognized in international society. NATPA (North America Taiwanese Professors’ Association), as an assembly of overseas Taiwanese intellectuals, would like to create a volume of Taiwan’s culture and civilization to inform the world of the following:

  1. The cultural features that originated from past history and have emerged in the global context;

  2. The development and integration of its culture along with its struggles against alien powers;

  3. The aspects of Taiwan’s development that sets Taiwan apart from China;

  4. Considering Taiwan’s natural and human conditions and its history, the direction for Taiwan’s further development, and how it should move so as to manifest Taiwanese culture globally.

II. The required qualifications and materials

  1. An applicant should have a doctoral degree in anthropology, history, sociology or a related field, with a strong publishing record in Taiwan Studies;

  2. An applicant should provide a resume and a list of publications;

  3. An applicant should submit (1) a statement on what they/he/she perceives are “the aspects of Taiwan’s development that sets Taiwan apart from China,” (2) a preliminary outline of the book, as well as the estimated word count, (3) expected completion time, and (4) attach one published essay on issues related to Taiwanese culture.

III. Financial Support

NATPA will provide a total of $10,000 to the best qualified applicant for creating the book and will distribute the compensation in the following three stages:

  1. 25% of the total amount, $2500, when the book proposal is accepted by NATPA’s Publication Committee and the contract is signed by both sides;

  2. A second quarter, $2500, when the book proposal has been accepted by a publishing company;

  3. The final 50%, $5000, after the final manuscript has been accepted by both the NATPA Publication Committee and the publisher.

IV. Please direct questions to:

NATPA’s Publication Committee,

Prof. Peter Chow ( (917-257-8123)

Dr. Shyu-tu Lee ( (360-254-7238) (Not available during 9/12 through 9/26, 2019)


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