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Fwd: AICEE Teaching Fellowship Opportunity in Taiwan

The TEACH Fellowship program in Taiwan aims to select outstanding teachers and provide an opportunity for one academic year (11 months) fellowship which may be renewed for an additional year with mutual agreement. The fellowship recipients are placed mostly in K-9 schools, teaching English and/or other subjects in the English language, such as arts, health, PE, life sciences, science, etc.. Applicants with teaching certificates and TESOL/TEFL certificates are preferred. 

Two placement opportunities exist:

  • Primary placements are in the Taipei City public school system

  • A limited number of placements are available in private schools.

Important features are as follows: 

  • TEACH differs from traditional recruitment channels, by providing fellowship and emphasizing cross-cultural education. Recipients go through an extensive selection process to attract highly qualified and outstanding U.S. teachers to teach in Taiwan. 

  • TEACH promotes mutual understanding between the United States and Taiwan through the teaching by native English speakers, enhancing the English ability of local students, teaching understanding of the United States, and cross-cultural communication.

  • TEACH Fellowship recipients serve in full-time collaborative teaching in a school, teaching and assisting Taiwanese teachers in bilingual education. In addition, they may discuss foreign cultural issues with their co-teachers and assist them in writing/editing English textbooks. 

  • The TEACH Fellowship also provides engagement with Taiwan and Taiwanese culture as part of the enrichment process, developing the participants' knowledge, awareness, and interest in Taiwan.

  • The TEACH Fellowship is designed and implemented by international educational non-profits in cooperation with the participating school systems, and it is not a commercial arrangement.

Eligibility: Candidates for the TEACH Fellowship Program in Taiwan should have a strong interest in Taiwan or in a career teaching, particularly teaching English to speakers of other languages.

  • Be a native English speaker.

  • Be an American, British, Canadian, Irish, New Zealand, or Australian citizen (as the nationality shown on the passport).

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited university or college before arrival in Taiwan. If your institution is not listed provided by the Taiwan government, you may be eligible by exception and should contact AICEE.

  • Have at least one of the following:

  • a government issued teaching license or certificate in any subject at any level, (Applicants with teaching licenses or certificates are preferred, and retired teachers are eligible), or

  • a TESOL/TEFL certificate/degree from a program with at least 120 hours of student/teaching contact, or

  • a minimum of two year’s teaching experience at public of private institutions.

  • Finalists will need to complete an online interview by AICEE.


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