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Fwd: CfP "Taiwan Studies in Twenty Years: Retrospect, Prospect" (MA panel submission deadline 12/31)

Call for Papers for the 20th Annual Conference of European Association of Taiwan Studies

Taiwan Studies in Twenty Years: Retrospect, Prospect

26-28 June 2023

Centre of Taiwan Studies

School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

For the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the European Association of Taiwan Studies

(EATS), the 2023 EATS conference comes back to its ‘birthplace’ – SOAS, University of London – to celebrate, examine, reflect and encourage the development of Taiwan Studies as a growing academic field.

The growth of Taiwan studies in Europe is a success story from zero to one. The past

twenty years have witnessed an amazing endeavour of ploughing the barren land, sowing the seeds, taking roots, and leading to the eventual boom. The Association was established at SOAS in 2004 to develop Taiwan Studies not only in the UK but also in other European

countries. To launch the Association, the first-ever Taiwan Studies conference in Europe took place at SOAS on 17 and 18 April 2004. Over the last two decades, the Association has become institutionalised and the research on Taiwan in Europe has also blossomed under the collective endeavour of EATS members and the leadership of the EATS Board and Secretary Generals.

To review the past achievement and examine the prospect and future of Taiwan Studies

in Europe, the 2023 EATS conference welcomes a broad range of contributions to topics

related to Taiwan. In other words, the 2023 EATS conference invites submissions from all

disciplines and especially welcomes innovative and interdisciplinary papers. Suggested, but not exclusive, topics of interest include:

  • Party politics and the emerging trend

  • Change, social movement and political activism

  • Indigenous rights and settler-colonial legacy

  • Migration, diversity, and ethnic relations

  • History, (re)remembering, and forgetting

  • Development and environmental dilemma

  • Cultural representation and identity

  • Literature and positioning

  • Global conflicts and civil society tension

  • Transnational activism and globalisation

  • The semiconductor industry and national security

  • Popular culture, tourism, and cultural industries

  • Gender politics, LGBTQ+ and marriage

  • Diplomacy and statehood

  • Everyday life and identity

  • Transitional justice and human rights

  • Education and ideology construction

  • Digital revolution and mass media

  • Taiwan Cinema

  • Visual cultures: comics, MV and advertise

  • Arts and performance


  • Regular panels (deadline passed)

  • MA panels EATS welcomes submissions from students currently enrolled in MA programmes. MA panels are not restricted to the theme of the conference, although they should be relevant to the broadly defined field of Taiwan Studies. Please submit your abstract to by 31 December 2022. Please note that you will have to create a user account first. One applicant may submit one abstract only. Applicants sending submissions for the Young Scholar Award are not allowed to send submissions for regular panels.

Review and acceptance

After a double-blind review process, EATS will announce the successful submissions around 28 February 2023, but we will strive to announce the results earlier. Accepted postgraduate presenters (PhD and MA students) who are affiliated with European institutions, or who are the 2023 Young Scholar Award finalists, will receive a travel grant of €150.

Learn more about the EATS 2023 Conference at:


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