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Fwd: CfP: The Politics of Emotions in Everyday Taiwan (abstract deadline Oct 30)

Routledge Research on Taiwan Series

( We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers regarding a book project on “The Politics of Emotions in Everyday Taiwan” (as attached). For this project, we invite various formats of contributions, including (all word counts include references and footnotes, but not tables, figures, pictures, captions etc.):

[CfP] Politics of Emotions in Everyday Taiwan_DL 30 Oct 2023
Download PDF • 160KB

Original article: 8,000 words

  • Research article (capturing the emotions of your study participants and partners)

  • Autoethnography or collective autoethnography (capturing the emotions of yourself in your study and everyday context)

Research note: 4,000 words (proposing concepts and methods potentially useful or used to study emotions in everyday Taiwan)

Reflexive note: 4,000 words (discussing the emotional self through reflective writing, which can be a collection of notes in your research journal or a dialogue between researchers)

Please send in your 300~500-word contribution synopsis through: by 30 Oct 2023 (Mon), including the type of contribution, name, affiliation/independent researcher, email address, and an abstract!


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