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Fwd: RSVP for book talk "Time and Migration" with Prof. Ken Sun, Nov 4th 4pm PT

Title: Nov. 4 Book Talk: Time and Migration with Prof. Ken Sun

Description: Professor Ken Chih-Yan Sun of Villanova University is invited by the UW Taiwan Studies Program and UW Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology to present a Book Talk. Professor Sun will speak on his new work, Time and Migration: How Long-Term Taiwanese Migrants Negotiate Later Life, on Thursday, November 4th, at 4pm Pacific Time.

Please RSVP to receive a talk invite via your email:

Based on longitudinal ethnographic work on migration between the United States and Taiwan, Time and Migration interrogates how long-term immigrants negotiate their needs as they grow older and how transnational migration shapes later-life transitions. Ken Chih-Yan Sun develops the concept of a “temporalities of migration” to examine the interaction between space, place, and time. He demonstrates how long-term settlement in the United States, coupled with changing homeland contexts, has inspired aging immigrants and returnees to rethink their sense of social belonging, remake intimate relations, and negotiate opportunities and constraints across borders. The interplay between migration and time shapes the ways aging migrant populations reassess and reconstruct relationships with their children, spouses, grandchildren, community members, and home, as well as host societies. Aging, Sun argues, is a global issue and must be reconsidered in a cross-border environment.


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