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EATS 2019 Library Grant

It is our pleasure to announce the EATS Library Grant for the year 2019. Only EATS student members are eligible to apply. Recipients will be given the opportunity to travel to a library of their choosing to conduct short-term research relevant to Taiwan Studies by 31st December 2019. Grants will be allocated up to 500 Euros maximum per person, subject to the number of received applications. Application deadline is 30th April 2019. Please submit to EATS Board at (c.c. Dr Jens Dam at and Ms Beatrice Zani at

Your submission should include a short proposal with the following information:

  1. Research outline (title and description of maximum 1 page of A4)

  2. Details of the selected library that has Taiwan related materials and the relevance it holds to your research (please state the location of the library and offer a brief introduction to the materials you intend to look at. For example, archival records, newspapers, digital materials, etc.).

  3. Duration of stay (up to 2 weeks)

  4. Budget (including travel and accommodation fees)


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