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Support Marriage Equality and Gender Equality Education in Taiwan

【北美台灣研究學會 加入「海外台灣人力挺婚姻平權與性別平等教育」連署】 隨著台灣選舉日的接近,近日反同言論甚囂塵上,一群在海外讀書工作的台灣人因而發起連署,呼籲海外台灣人以具名方式力挺婚姻平權與性平教育,加入線上連署。「北美台灣研究學會」是一個與台灣民主化歷史共同成長的公共知識份子組織,因此,這一次,我們以團體名義加入連署,以行動見證台灣性別平權進程的歷史時刻。我們一方面以組織名義表達支持婚姻平權與性平教育的立場,另一方面也希望能以此號召更多海外台灣人關注此一重大公共議題。如果你們認同我們的訴求,歡迎加入線上連署。 我們認為,法律不該為偏見服務。身在海外的我們,也會和所有台灣的朋友們持續走到實現婚姻平權和性別平等的那一天。All Rights for All,我們在世界各地,支持修正民法、支持性別平等教育、力挺婚姻平權!

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With Taiwan's 2018 election day approaching, anti-LGBTQ discourses and misinformation have been overwhelming the public dialogue, paralyzing healthy conversations surrounding the issues of gender equality. To respond, some overseas Taiwanese activists initiated a petition to support Marriage Equality and Gender Equality Education in Taiwan. As a public intellectual organization growing with Taiwan's democratization process, North American Taiwan Studies Association (NATSA) will take part in this historical moment witnessing the Taiwanese human rights progress. We support, with all of our efforts, the legalization of LGBTQ marriage and gender equality education in Taiwan. If you are also a Taiwanese working/studying overseas, no matter whether you are able to go back to Taiwan to vote, you are welcome to join our petition. Your action is crucial for advocating ALL RIGHTS FOR ALL.

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