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Fwd:Call for papers: Taiwan in visual culture and transmedia representations

by Laura Jo-Han Wen

Call for Submissions: Taiwan in Visual Culture and Transmedia Representations (Taiwan Lit Special Topic) As a digital platform dedicated to Taiwan literature and culture, Taiwan Lit cordially invites submissions on a special topic that explores Taiwan studies through the lens of visual culture and transmedia representations. Established by pioneers from fields such as history, literature, art, and social sciences, Taiwan studies has now developed into an interdisciplinary subject extending beyond the excavation and archiving of underrepresented memories. As more and more discussions have been revolving around the theoretical paradigms for studying Taiwan, we think that now would be the time to thematically examine how Taiwan studies may be interpreted in the realms of visual and media culture, a boundary-crossing approach that has received rich academic attention in recent decades. The guest editor of this special topic encourages submissions addressing, but not limited to, the following issues:

  1. A study of Taiwan through the medium of visual culture. For instance, a discussion of the visual significance or intermediality of a Taiwanese cultural phenomenon through literature, art, photography, film, television, radio, the Internet, and other forms of old and new media;

  2. The visual apparatus in a Taiwanese context, such as the ways in which museums, historical architecture, or festivals serve as visual apparatuses that embody power dynamics and the structure of seeing and feeling;

  3. A methodological inquiry into how the visual and media culture negotiates with and informs the study of Taiwan.

We invite submissions in either English or Chinese with no fixed length requirements. Please send abstracts of 150–250 words by April 12, 2021, to guest editor Laura Jo-Han Wen ( Authors of selected abstracts will be invited to submit a short essay, in writing or multimedia, by July 31, 2021, for consideration to be included in this special topic of Taiwan Lit in late 2021.

Contact Info: Laura Jo-Han Wen Contact Email:


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