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Fwd:Online film screening: Love & Death in Montmartre, Qiu Miaojin

"Love & Death in Montmartre” by Qiu Miaojin (English subtitled)

worldwide streaming Nov 3-10, 2020 

by Festival internatinal Signes de nuit - Paris: In 1995, the young Taiwanese woman writer Qiu Miaojin committed suicide in Paris, leaving behind her haunting autobiographical novel LAST WORDS FROM MONTMARTRE. Two decades later, the novel was published in English by The New York Review Books, bringing Qiu acclaim in the West and prompting translations into other European languages. Qiu is the first openly lesbian novelist in the history of Chinese literature; her debut novel, NOTES OF A CROCODILE, became a “Bible” for the Taiwanese lesbian community and an underground classic in China, where it was officially published in 2012.  Moving through Taipei, Tokyo, Paris, and New York to explore the life and legacy of this posthumously famous star, LOVE AND DEATH IN MONTMARTRE features interviews with literary luminaries in Taiwan, America and France, including Qiu's teacher, Hélène Cixous, while evaluating the state of LGBTQ culture and literature from the perspectives of equality and human rights.


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