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[Info] Taiwan's Lost Commercial Cinema Tour 2020 at UCLan + Dr Ming-yeh Rawnsley's Guest Talk



Subject:[Info] Taiwan's Lost Commercial Cinema Tour 2020 at UCLan + Dr Ming-yeh Rawnsley's Guest Talk "Politics of the Everyday: Taiwanese-language Cinema of the 1950s - 1960s"

Dear friends and colleagues, The Northern Institute of Taiwan Studies is delighted to bring your attention to our next cultural event, “Taiwan's Lost Commercial Cinema tour 2020 at UCLan”. And we would like to kindly ask you to circulate this information with your academic or non-academic networks. In partnership with Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute as well as King’s College London, we will be screening 2 long and 1 short Taiwanese films - The Six Suspects 六個嫌疑犯, The Rice Dumpling Vendors 燒肉粽, Binding 燒肉粽2019. To watch these films, register to receive a free ticket though Eventbrite, A code will be emailed to you to watch any of the above films anytime you like between 14th-20th October 2020! Also, don't miss out on our guest lecture presented by Dr Ming-Yeh Rawnsley, “Politics of the everyday: Taiwanese-language cinema of the 1950s–1960s”. Dr Ming-Yeh Rawnsley will address the social and cultural values of Taiwanese language cinema (or Hoklo topolect films, taiyupian) of the 1950s and the 1960s. Through plot design and onscreen solutions to family crises, the films revealed the    struggle of their makers and their intended audiences to reconcile different sets of conflicting values in a changing society. Guest talk Time: 21st Oct 2020, 9am-10am BST (UK) Register on Eventbrite to receive a reminder email notification or Join us on directly Microsoft Teams on the day. Follow our events on below websites and social media : Northern Institute of Taiwan Studies (NorITS) Institute for the Study of the Asia Pacific (ISAP) Taiwan Lost Commercial Cinema Official Site


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