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NATSA Experts database

Dear colleagues,

Please join us in launching an exciting new venture in the field of Taiwan Studies. NATSA is compiling a database of English-speaking academic experts on all things Taiwan, to create a handy resource for journalists, think tanks, and fellow scholars who want to better understand the island nation and its significance to the history and evolution of the contemporary world. We also hope that the easy availability of appropriate expertise will boost the visibility of Taiwan beyond cross-strait issues and that under-reported topics (such indigenous rights, environmentalism, legal reforms, cultural production, migration, etc.) will gain more traction in English-language reporting.

The database will be hosted on the NATSA website and be publicly available to search. We would love to have your participation, as well as your suggestions on the researchers whose work you would like to see boosted (PhD candidates welcome!) Please fill out the simple Google form here:

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write to: Dr. Catherine Chou ( Thanks, 

North American Taiwan Studies Association (NATSA


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