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Fwd: Free online course on modern Chinese-language novels on YouTube

Dr. Christopher Rea, Professor of Chinese at the University of British Columbia, just launched a free online course on modern Chinese-language novels on the Modern Chinese Cultural Studies YouTube channel - the first course of its kind!

The series will feature the Taiwan writers Wu Ming-yi 吳明益, Chu T'ien-wen 朱天文, and Chang Kuei-hsing 張貴興. The four lectures on Wu Ming-Yi & Wu's novel The Man with the Compound Eyes have recently been published. Stay tuned for more videos on Chu and Chang in the next few weeks.

The Modern Chinese Novel - free online course on YouTube: This course, taught by UBC professor Christopher Rea, covers twelve Chinese novels written between the 1930s and 2010s. Each module features three lectures about each novel, as well as one about the author. All novels are widely available in English. The course will be steadily released in early 2022, so be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications for updates. Readings for this course:

  • Border Town 邊城, by Shen Congwen 沈從文

  • Rickshaw 駱駝祥子, by Lao She 老舍

  • Fortress Besieged 圍城, by Qian Zhongshu 錢鍾書

  • The Rice-Sprout Song 秧歌, by Eileen Chang 張愛玲

  • Notes of a Desolate Man 荒人手記, by Chu T’ien-wen 朱天文

  • The Song of Everlasting Sorrow 長恨歌, by Wang Anyi 王安憶

  • Atlas: The Archaeology of an Imaginary City 地圖集: 一個想像的城市的考古學, by Dung Kai-cheung 董啟章

  • My South Seas Sleeping Beauty 我思念的長眠中的南國公主, by Chang Kuei-hsing 張貴興

  • Brothers 兄弟, by Yu Hua 余華

  • The Three-Body Problem 三體 (volume 1), by Liu Cixin 劉慈欣

  • Frog 蛙, by Mo Yan 莫言

  • The Man with the Compound Eyes 複眼人, by Wu Ming-yi 吳明益


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