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Fwd: Publication to circulate: East Asian Journal of Popular Culture_ EAJPC 8.1. online

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We would like to take the opportunity to inform you that the East Asian Journal of Popular Culture EAJPC 8.1. (April 2022) is available online :

Four contributions on Taiwan:

  • J.J. Zhang and Hardina Ohlendorf, The not-so-great rapprochement: Taming and consuming Chiang Kai-shek in the era of cross-strait rapprochement tourism

  • Vladimir Stolojan-filipesco, The second life of a political cult: official and popular reappropriation of Chiang Kai-shek statues in post-martial law Taiwan

  • Coraline Jortay, Before the Light: A Discussion with Ian Rowen on the Making of Transitions in Taiwan and Translating Narratives of the White Terror Period

  • Book review Tsai, Eva, Ho, Tung-Hung and Jian, Miaoju, (eds) (2019), Made in Taiwan: Studies in Popular Music, New York: Routledge by Greta Hagedorn

For more information on the journal and submission:


Editors’ team EAJPC

Kate Taylor-Jones, Ann Heylen & Edward Vickers


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