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NATSA Presidential Election: Please Vote by Dec 5th 9:59 PM ET / Dec 6th 10:59 AM TW

If you believe you are a NATSA member but have not received the two reminders sent from, please email the address to request access to the voter portal no later than the election deadline. Thank you! Election details The 28th NATSA Presidential Election will elect the NATSA 2023 President who will serve for the June 2022-May 2023 term. Please use the link emailed to you to cast your vote by December 5th 9:59 PM ET (December 6th 10:59 AM Taiwan Time). You will need to sign in to your Google account and may only vote one time. However, your choice is anonymous. About the candidate Chee-Hann Wu 吳稚涵 is a Ph.D Candidate in Drama at the University of California, Irvine. She was Co-program Director for NATSA 2020+1 and Program Committee Member for NATSA 2019. Please read more about her experiences and manifesto here. We thank you for your support!


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