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2024 Tickets & Registration

The 2024 conference will mark the 30th anniversary of NATSA. We would like to take this opportunity to assess both the accomplishments and challenges of Taiwan Studies – a young and vibrant field open to definition, transformation, and imagination. The emergence and growth of Taiwan Studies as a professional discipline is closely intertwined with Taiwan’s political liberation, which took place in the late 1980s following the lifting of martial law in 1987. In particular, the establishment of NATSA in 1994 is a crucial feature of this new development. Since its inception, NATSA has sought to create a community for scholars and students to reflect on various innovative issues related to the study of Taiwan. It has also fostered ongoing scholarly dialogues within and among the various disciplines of Taiwan studies and the global scholarly community at large. Through careful scholarship, generations of scholars have created and nurtured a rigorous intellectual space in which the nuances of Taiwan’s politics, history, society, literature, and art can be critically examined on their own terms. In the midst of both political and intellectual crisis, a scholarly forum has emerged for an immediate understanding of Taiwan.

We are at a historical juncture where everything seems to be in flux, where “all that is solid melts into air.” To ground ourselves in these tumultuous times, we aim to reflect on the successes and limitations of Taiwan studies. We seek not only to review the empirical findings and theoretical insights of the discipline, but also to question its conceptual underpinnings. Reflection may not lead to an immediate solution to the challenges facing Taiwan Studies, but it is a necessary start. Hence our 2024 conference welcomes expressions and conversations that are not only deeply rooted in the theoretical and empirical foundations of Taiwan Studies, but also aim to create new knowledge about Taiwan that can enrich scholarship in other fields.


Conference Schedule and Conference Handbook will be available soon on NATSA website at


Complimentary food will be provided at the Welcome Reception (June 11 evening) and the Closing Banquet (June 13 evening).


Public event details forthcoming.


Note on registration:

Please register and purchase tickets according to the identity categories below. Ticketing fees are covered by NATSA to make conference participation more accessible (please note that fees charged by Eventbrite are non-refundable and will not be covered by NATSA if you request a refund). Cash payments and donations at the door are accepted and appreciated — Thank you for supporting NATSA!

1. Income levels suggestions:

  • Level 1: Gross Income Under $45,000 — Regular registration: $90

  • Level 2: Gross Income $45,000-65,000 — Regular registration: $110

  • Level 3: Gross Income $65,000 or more — Regular registration: $130

2. Current NATSA staff and local volunteers: registration waived

3. 2023 Early bird discount (before April 15, 2024): 10% off regular registration

  • Early bird (Level 1): $81

  • Early bird (Level 2): $99

  • Early bird (Level 3): $117

4. Staff from NATSA 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023: 40% off regular registration (please make a note so we can verify)

  • Former staff (Level 1): $54

  • Former staff (Level 2): $66

  • Former staff (Level 3): $78

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