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Fwd: New episode of Taiwan On-Air: Conversation with Chee-Hann Wu on horror videogrames

A new episode of Taiwan On-Air 空中直播台灣 has been released, now as part of the New Books Network!

This installment is hosted by Adina Zemanek, in conversation with Chee-Hann Wu (PhD in Drama and Theatre, University of California, Irvine and UC San Diego). We chatted about horror videogames – mainly Detention (2017), but also Pagui (2019 2022) and Halflight (2020).

To find out more about the cultural functions that these games can have for both Taiwanese and international audiences, how they engage with Taiwan’s past, build on local traditions such as puppetry, and move between restricted agency and resistance, please listen to this episode on New Books Network or Spotify!

Taiwan On-Air is a podcast series created by the Northern Institute of Taiwan Studies at the University of Central Lancashire.


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