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The 30th NATSA Presidential Election

This election will elect the 30th President of North American Taiwan Studies Association (NATSA) for the July 2024 -- June 2025 term (NATSA 2025 Conference).

For further details and responsibilities of the NATSA president, see: 

1. Voters

In this election, every voice counts, and we define our voters as follows:

  • NATSA Lifetime Members (list created in 2017)

  • Board of Directors (BOD) for NATSA 2018, 2019, 2020+1, 2022, 2023, and 2024 (hereafter "NATSA 2018-2024")

  • NATSA Presidents and Secretaries for NATSA 2018-2024

  • Annual Conference Organizing Committee Members for NATSA 2018-2024, including program directors (PD), program commissioners (PC), local/logistics directors, and administrative commissioners (AC)

  • Annual Conference Paid Registrants for NATSA 2018-2024

Together, we will elect a new leader who will steer NATSA towards continued excellence, innovation, and inclusivity. Election information will be announced via NATSA social posts and email through our listserv service. Email with a link to the voting portal will be sent out from

2. Candidates

  • Qualification: Those who have experience with NATSA Annual Conference planning and decision making. E.g., Presidents, Program Directors, Program Commissioners, Administration Commissioners, Local/Logistics Directors, or Board of Directors.

  • Application: Those who meet the above eligibility criteria and who wish to run in the election must download and email a completed self-nomination form to NATSA Secretary Ms. Yu-Li Wang (

  • Issues regarding individual's candidacy and qualification will be brought to current NATSA Board of Directors for discussion and deliberations.

3. Voting Procedure

Voters will cast their anonymous votes via Google form. The candidate who receives the most votes will be announced winner. If the electoral vote ends in a tie, then voters will vote again until a winner is produced.

4. Election Notice and Timeline

  • Candidacy Self-Nomination Form Submission: 2024/4/4 -- 2024/4/17 (ends 12pm Eastern Time)

  • Candidates Announcement and Campaign: 2024/4/17 -- 2024/4/23

  • Voting Window: 2024/4/24 -- 2024/4/30 (ends 12pm ET)

  • Election Result Announcement: 2024/5/1


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